Month: June 2009

Oracle 1Z0-520 Certification Exams

Sale Discount 1Z0-520 Certification Exams For OPN Certified Specialist Zhou was full of doubts and did not Oracle 1Z0-520 Certification Exams dare to speak. 3 Woke up the Oracle 1Z0-520 Certification Exams next morning, the air was filled with fresh earthworms, and Ye Green saw the mother s eyes open with bloodshot eyes and picked … Read more
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Dear Valued Customer!

We Deliver and Assemble Free Above 800 AED Purchases. (Delivery with in 3- 5 Working Days).

1Year Warranty on Electronic Goods.

Factory Defective Items will be eXchange with in 7 Working Days. 

Less than 800 AED Purchases, Delivery Charges will apply (100 AED)

(Note): Our new site design will be launch soon. #StayTuned

سنقوم بالتوصيل والتجميع مجانًا فوق 800 درهم (التوصيل خلال 5-7 أيام عمل)
الدفع نقدا أو بطاقة في وقت التسليم
ضمان لمدة سنة على الأجزاء الإلكترونية
اقل من 800 درهم للشراء ، تطبق رسوم التوصيل (100 درهم)