About Us

In 2008, Marshal Fitness was established in the United Arab Emirates as an importer and distributor of high quality health and fitness products. The company sources directly through its wide network of manufacturers, making its pricing much more competitive than the average distributor in the industry.

All types of consumers are provided with a wide array of health and fitness products, which are produced by top manufacturers in the countries of Germany, Taiwan and China.

Our customer-oriented production process consists of outstanding leadership, innovation, creativity, authenticity and adaptability. Therefore, this makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the health and fitness equipment market.

Our whole team work hard to bring you the best in what we offer, as our main goal is to meet all your needs so your purchases can be efficient and satisfiable. Thus, our clients are always entitled to outstanding support by our team of professional sales consultants and customer service specialists.

To add on, we would like to thank our customers for their support and request our new customers to contact us, so you may be enlightened on how Marshal Fitness can be the primary ingredient to your success in obtaining a healthy and athletic lifestyle.

At Marshal Fitness, we are a family, which makes our workplace culture and team morale very important to us. Therefore, a work-life balance and fun culture is incorporated in our offices.