Fitlux Semi Commercial Racing Bike

Fitlux Semi Commercial Racing Bike

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  • Flywheel: 19kg, 450mm die-casting flywheel
  • Sturdy oval tube construction
  • Drive system: fix-wheel, #410 chain drive system
  • Crank: heavy-duty-3 pc steel crank
  • Axle: 20mm Cro-moly
  • Bearing: industrial-level #6004 bearing
  • Brake : Emergency caliper braking with tension controller
  • Seat Adjustment: Vertical/Horizontal
  • Handle bar Adjustment: Vertical/Horizontal with stainless handlebar slider Sweat fender to avoid rust
  • PU transport wheels for easy movement
  • Easy adjustable floor stabilizers With water bottle
  • Low maintenance and easy assembly
  • Max Use Weight: 150kg (330lbs)
  • Dimension: 1350x540x1250xmm


  • Free Installation 


  • 1 Year Electric Parts Warranty


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