Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmill with Incline and 10.0HP Motor - LCD Display

Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmill with Incline and 10.0HP Motor - LCD Display

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  • Motor Power: AC 10.0HP
  • Max weight: 240kg
  • Input voltage: 220V 50-60Hz
  • Speed (km/h): 1.0-20
  • Incline: Electric 0-20%
  • Console: Led display
  • Display details: Time, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Calorie
  • Pulse: With measuring heart rate function by griping U disk player system and fan function
  • Programs:12 - Time, Distance, Pulse set
  • Shock system: Silica gel
  • Running belt size(mm): 580x3420
  • Running area(mm): 580x1630
  • Occupancy area(mm): 2130x952


  • Free Installation 


  • 2 Years Warranty


Commercial treadmills are the most expensive and premium quality treadmills which give you various better reasons to choose it such as:-

Suitable for long hour workouts
Commercial treadmills are invented and made keeping in mind that people can work out on them frequently and continuously that too at higher speeds, it also supports continuous and extensive cardio and workout sessions.
The most desirable machine for high speed running
Commercial treadmills are by far the best option for constant and high-speed runners it has a very wide and thick belt which gives extra shock absorption and ensures fewer strains to the leg and joints
Several characteristics
Commercial treadmills have various features like you can set the speed and time of your workout session while you are still running on the treadmill.
Better and ample range of measuring equipment
Commercial treadmills have various measuring equipment from the speed, time, distance covered, heart rate, to even calories burnt they have all of these parameters and equipment to measure these parameters
Assures no injury
Commercial treadmills have a good area for running and it also has very better build design and shape which makes it very easy to balance the body even at higher speeds, this ensures great work out sessions with very low or no chances of injury
Including inclination
Commercial treadmills also have inclination motors attached to it which helps you to run at the inclination you want any person doing the workout on the commercial treadmill can set inclination according to his needs
Ensures better analysis of performance
Since it gives various parameters like heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered it makes it easier for any person to track his/her moment and performance.
Very efficient in getting results
Commercial treadmills are of the most elegant qualities gives you the most suited workout session which eventually results into the best results whether it is about weight management or reduction in your overall body weight or to be more fit, for all of your body and fitness needs you can calculate upon a commercial treadmill.