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Marshal Deep Squat Stand - MF-2820

Marshal Deep Squat Stand - MF-2820

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2.5MM thick pipe main frame design, key load-bearing parts protection bar 8. OMM thick steel plate, better protection of safety, can squat, weight lifting and other functions, the whole machine is equipped with dumbbells Stool, multi-angle weight lifting, 20 gears and multi-directional adjustment of angles, full exercise of upper limbs and leg muscles can effectively exercise chest, leg muscles and biceps. Gross weight/net weight: 85kg / 80kg. (Barbell plate, Austrian bar, need to be equipped separately) DEEP SQUAT STAND.


  • Product specifications: 127 x 170 x 218CM
  • Product features: 2.5MM thick pipe main frame design
  • 8 OMM thick steel plate
  • Gross weight/net weight: 85kg / 80kg